Help and Advice

As we are based locally in the North West, we are always on hand to offer any help and advice you may need. Here are some common areas which we consult on...

Choosing the Right Printer and Cost Reduction

What may seem like a good deal in store or online may prove costly over time. We all know the story of the ink costing more than the printer!

How can we help? As each customer is different, we work closely at an individual level to ensure you're getting the best value from your printer. Our free print audits are an effective way to assess your print needs and costs. Why not take advantage our industry knowledge and see how much you could save?

Are you constantly replacing your cartridges or spending a fortune on consumables? These are tell-tale signs that your printer may not be suitable for your needs.

Quick Tip: When purchasing a new office printer, make sure to check for hidden costs. Did you know that many office laserjets require more than toner to run effectively? Drum units, imaging kits and waste toner containers can increase your costs substantially.

Print Issues, Problems and Maintenance

Printers, like any other machines can malfunction, normally when you need them the most. Some issues can be fixed quickly and easily with the touch of a button, whereas other problems may need further investigation. Our industry knowledge and experience allows us to identify and find a solution to most issues. If you're struggling with a print defect or flashing lights, why not give us a call today?

Increasing your printer's life cycle: regular cleaning and maintenance is a good way to get the best performance from your printer, we offer great rates on replacement parts and servicing.